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Case Background Submission

The Law Office of Barry E. Janay, P.C. (“LOBEJ”) is interested in learning about your case and has a template for a case background chronology that can help you organize and synthesize the information that makes up your matter in a way that ideally would allow us to work better as your attorneys should we enter an engagement as counsel with you. While the format is a bit formulaic / robotic we think that if you follow this process you’ll realize why we ask for you to put it in this format as you go along. When you have completed it please send it to us at info@lobej.com along with any attachments such as scans, pictures, recordings or other items that you wish for us to review. Note that if the attachments are too large to email we can provide you a link to a secure folder where you can upload the information.


1. Create a word processor file (Google Doc or MS-Word is preferred) and in it create an auto-enumerated numbered list to separate the paragraphs.

2. There should be no more than 25 paragraphs in your case background chronology in total.

3.  Each paragraph should be no more than two (2) non-compound sentences or one compound sentence. This means that you should keep it to one or two sentences per enumerated paragraph and limit what you include to the ESSENTIAL DETAILS that will be used toward proving your claims or defending against the claims being leveled against you. We ask that you be concise so that we can quickly review the information and get back to you with an answer as to whether we can help, if we need further information or clarification we will ask in a follow-up email.

4. Next, the events should be listed in chronological order from the earliest date to the most recent date and only the material and relevant events that gave rise to your claims should be included. Superfluous information such as your suspicions, your view of a party’s attitude or mental state are generally not material.

5. Also, and this is very important if you name an individual, organization, or business entity in one of the paragraphs of the chronology please make sure that the first time they are mentioned you include their complete name, address, and any other contact details that you are aware of or can verify, as well as any other biographical details or descriptors that you believe to be relevant;  the next time or any additional times you mention that person, organization, or business entity you can just use the name or a shortened name so long as you’ve indicated what the shortened name will be the first time you used it.  FOR EXAMPLE, the first time mentioned the name you would write:  John Doe, 123 Main St., Anytown, New York, 10007, (hereinafter “Doe”) the next and all subsequent times you mention the name you need only write Doe.

 6. Lastly, if you refer to, mention, or cite a document, photograph, or some other file or tangible item in one of the paragraphs we would like you to include it as an EXHIBIT; it is important for Exhibits to be in a fixed format that is not easily manipulated such as a PDF; try your best to ensure that it is sent right side up, that it is clear and legible, and if possible that you have run a character recognition on the file to make it searchable; This will save us time and can help your case in the long run if we need to pull any detailed information up quickly / on the fly. We’d like you to save these files in a format as well, particularly this (Exhibit A 20160308 Agreement with Contractor.pdf) with the word Exhibit followed by the corresponding letter (i.e. “A”, “B”, “C” and so forth) then the date in the format of YYYYYMMDD and then a short descriptor such as in the example above “Agreement with Contractor.” Any subsequent time in the case background chronology that you want to refer to the Exhibit you can simply put (see Exhibit A) and point to where in the document you are referring to.

** We understand that the above case background chronology format may seem burdensome, but in our experience, we’ve found that it helps us to all “get on the same page” about the case more efficiently enabling us to get to work faster. If you don’t understand anything or have any questions whatsoever just reach out and we’ll do our best to answer you as quickly as possible.

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